Paja&Bureau Oy

Paja&Bureau is a furniture and object design and manufacturing company based in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. The company specializes in different metal materials in both structural elements as well as aesthetic surfaces.  Paja&Bureau provides both design services and interior architecture planning in addition to object production, installation and project management. The holistic, in-house approach toward design projects and agility in project management enables Paja&Bureau to be competitive while retaining reliability of the outcome. 

Clients range from private customers to big companies and institutions. 


Paja&Bureau offers versatile services in both spatial and object design ranging from single pieces of furniture to complete interior architecture planning. 


Paja&Bureau specializes in metal materials in both structural aspects as well as a wide range of aesthetic surfaces in objects and furniture elements. 


If the volume, scale or field of expertise of a project exceeds the in-house capacity of the company, Paja&Bureau has an extensive network of partners within manufacturing, subcontracting and logistics fields and provides reliable project management and administration to bring an assignment from start to finish in a transparent and trustworthy manner. 


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