Paja&Bureau Oy

Paja&Bureau is a furniture and object design and manufacturing company based in Ullanlinna, Helsinki, with an emphasis on metal materials. We provide both design services and interior architecture planning as well as object production, installation and project management. Our holistic, in-house approach toward design projects and agility in project management enables us to be competitive while retaining reliability of the outcome. 

Clients range from private customers to big companies and institutions. 


Paja&Bureau offers versatile services in both spatial and object design ranging from single pieces of furniture to complete interior architecture planning. 


Paja&Bureau specializes in metal materials in both structural aspects as well as a wide range of aesthetic surfaces in objects and furniture elements. 


If the volume, scale or field of expertise of a project exceeds the in-house capacity or capability of the company, Paja&Bureau has an extensive network of partners in within manufacturing, subcontracting and logistics fields and provides reliable project management and administration to bring an assignment from start to finish in a transparent and trustworthy manner. 


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”We are passionate about good design and metals' role as both a supporting structural element as well as a source of unique and diverse visual expression. Metal’s  everlasting quality and recyclability is in line with our values concerning sustainability and honesty of the material. We want to be a part of making our physical environment with all of the objects and furnitures as intentional as possible with providing timeless custom work to fall in love with for individual spaces and individual people instead of selling one-size-fits-all, ephemeral solutions.

Our doors are always open to new customers and we love to keep in touch and follow-up on previous projects so contact us without hesitation or just pop by our workshop office in Ullanlinna for a cup of coffee and let’s see how we can realize your needs.”

-Eetu & Nino