Paja&Bureau Oy

We are a Helsinki-based designer-maker duo with a passion for expressive interior design pieces and high-quality craftsmanship. Our approach to design processes aims to be as holistic as possible involving us in every step of the project.


With lots of experience especially in metalwork we are inspired by the fusion of the honest character of the material with contemporary design aesthetics.

We offer services to both private and corporate customers and specialize in custom-made interior design projects from planning to physical execution.

Paja /ˈpɑjɑ/

The heart of our company lies in the Paja (workshop) where unique and bespoke products are crafted in experienced hands.

We combine traditional handicraft techniques with modern technology. Quality and finish are paramount in our work and we strive towards 100% in-house manufacturing. If we can’t make it we’ll learn to make it.

Bureau /ˈbjʊərəʊ/

We are no strangers to design processes and have experience in both interior and object design. The bureau offers agile design services with a personal touch and tailored to accommodate your needs. Our doors are always open for new clients so come by, have a cup of coffee with us and let us know what you need.


Paja&Bureau was founded as a collaboration between Eetu Enqvist and Nino Hynninen, two Finnish designers who worked on several projects together after meeting each other during their metal artisan studies. Their shared vision of making provoking and charming interior design pieces with an emphasis on metal materials started in Swaziland in 2009.

Nino Hynninen, CEO

Nino Hynninen, Designer and Metal artisan, has been involved with crafts since early childhood and the passion for creation has evolved into extensive studies and later into a full-time profession. His main foci are on traditional techniques, object design and casting.

Eetu Enqvist, Directeur Artistique

Eetu Enqvist, Designer, has experience within the field from both prototype construction as well as freelance design. Eetu has been involved in several spatial design projects and furniture exhibitions in Finland and abroad. His emphasis in design lies in the nature of the material and unique, expressive forms.